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YouTube Marketing

Aug 3, 2016 

For businesses with high visual appeal and the know-how to do it, creating YouTube videos can be an exciting and powerful tool for marketing. Pictures and videos have become more prominent on social media sites, and usually yield more hits than other posts. YouTube, combined with a good following on Facebook and twitter, can launch your business further. Embed the video onto your site and share it across your social media platforms. If your business has the resources to get a good camera and editing software, creating videos can be easy. Videos like how-to’s product reviews, or featuring something unique about your company can be effective for getting your name out there. To create a YouTube Channel, all you need is a Gmail account. You can upload videos, create playlists, and share your videos on social media sites. When uploading a video to YouTube, name it something short that pertains to the video. Have it accompanied by a strong, but short description; with a link to your website. Keep your videos short and sweet. The longest videos you make should be no longer than 15 minutes. Create subtitles on YouTube for your videos, and edit them if they come out wrong. The hearing impaired will not only appreciate it, but they know you care. Anyone who doesn’t want to see them can simply turn them off. For more insights on YouTube and other social media platforms to help your business, stop by our office for a free copy of our “Social Media Marketing For Small Business” book.



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