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How Can SBDC Help Me Start My business?

Jun 27, 2016

The Small business Development Center of Staten Island can help you transform your ideas into services or products that can be developed into a business.

If you created something people have a need for, the SBDC can help you bring it to the market place. Today’s large companies are reducing in-house Research and Development. This could be a great time for small business to step up and take advantage of this slowing of R & D. If you have ideas in technology, medicine, manufacturing or in any industry, speak to an SBDC Business Advisor. They can provide you with a consultation that can connect you with training, research and contacts that can help you with many of the things you need to turn your idea into a business.

If you need help with:

  1. Financing

  2. Business Structure

  3. IPO or Mergers and Acquisitions

  4. Intellectual Property

  5. Licensing, copyright and Trademark information

  6. Business Plans

  7. Marketing Plans

  8. Contracts

  9. State and Federal applications for R&D funding

  10. Resources for consulting analyzing and testing ideas

The SBDC of Staten Island can help you. The Staten Island SBDC Team can help you to transform your ideas into a business. Call 718-982-2560 or contact for an appointment.



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