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Bookkeeping Made Easy

Lili brings you one platform for your business finances: accounting, invoicing, and tax preparation software paired with an advanced business checking account.

With Lili, bookkeeping is made simple:

  • Every transaction is recorded instantly

  • Categorization is taken care of with a single swipe

  • Reconciliation is built-in and completed for you

The Staten Island Small Business Center (SISBDC) will be presenting a webinar on December 5th at 10:00 AM with Wendi Caplan-Carroll, Small Business Expert, Speaker and Co-Founder of The Square Biz Group. Contact Wendi for more information regarding Lili or The Square Biz Group.

Wendi is a marketing and sales leader with deep experience and knowledge of the SMB marketplace. Wendi is the Co-Founder of The Square Biz Group, which specializes in helping brands connect to small businesses locally. Wendi also works with Small Business owners and entrepreneurs, teaching and coaching them how to be successful strategically while staying true to their passions. Take the pressure off of your day-to-day so you can focus on growing the business you love.

To make an appointment with an Advisor with the SI SBDC call 718/982-2560, email or visit the website:



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