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Pinterest Marketing

Jul 20, 2016

Pinterest is a platform that focuses on visually appealing images or videos that people can enjoy and collect. Pinterest is great for small businesses that connect with the consumer directly. Designers and renovators can show off remodels Restaurants can show special menu items. Hair salons can feature hot new styles. Every post on Pinterest is called a “Pin.” Much like a cork board, the Pin puts the post up, and displays the picture and info. Every user creates “Boards,” which act similar to a folder to sort and collect images you Pin or Re-Pin from others into one location. You can post pins to boards with different themes. For example, a contractor might have a board for before and after shots, and another for just kitchen remodels. Now customers see the work you want to show off, organized neatly and with hashtags to promote each one. Pinterest uses hashtags just like most of the other social media platforms to boost posts and get people to see more of what they searched for. Pinterest is also good for keeping your business in the consumer’s mind, even when they are not looking for your service. Setting up boards for holiday posts, for example, can let followers see that you are taking interest in the community, and make a small business seem more approachable. Next time they need your services, the business on their mind could be the one they see online throughout the year. For more insights on Pinterest and other social media platforms to help your business, stop by our office for a free copy of our “Social Media Marketing For Small Business” book.



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