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The Staten Island SBDC partners with research librarians from the NY Small Business Development Center network to provide targeted demographic and consumer spending market research, customized B2B lead lists for business development as well as information on patents and trademarks, all at no cost to our clients.

Research Network

New York SBDC Research Network

Staffed by dedicated and talented research librarians, the Research Network has ready access to demographic and statistical data that has proven invaluable to individuals researching how to start or grow their small business.


Examples of what the Research Network can offer include, but is not limited to:

  • Identifying local competitors

  • Ring studies providing demographic information

  • Tables and maps showing consumer spending habits

  • Finding relevant trade association or regulatory contacts

  • Locating articles written about ventures similar to yours

  • Providing financial norms and ratios for your industry

  • Conducting preliminary patent or trademark searches

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