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Research Network Services

Jan 9, 2016

Since 1992, the New York State Small Business Development Center has operated as a full-time business library called the Research Network. Its professional librarians have access to a wide variety of up-to-date resources to meet your business challenges.

The Research Network subscribes to carefully selected business information sources in order to provide you with the most relevant data that will benefit you and your business. The librarian can also provide you with a list of supplemental resources, agencies, market research firms, etc. These librarians are experts with years of experience, and know how to conduct searches and get quality results. Best of all, Research Network Services are absolutely free.

The Research Network can provide lists of suppliers, tell you who your competitors are in your market, and provide data with consumer demographic information for your target area. You can also find tables and maps detailing consumer spending habits for your industry, and industry specific lists of associations and publications. You’ll be able to see regulatory, permit, or licensing requirements, industry profiles showing current trends, websites and other resources that provide additional help, and financial norms and ratios for your industry. Lastly, our librarians can find you preliminary patent or trademark searches, as well as names of venture capital and/or angel investment groups.

Here’s how it works: Just discuss with your business advisor the information you need. Your advisor will relay your request to the Research Network, and a librarian will conduct a search, with the results packaged together into a single digital file which is e-mailed to your advisor. The information is usually provided to you within seven days. Make an appointment with your local Small Business Development Center advisor for more information, or to get started with your Research Network request.



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