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MWBE Planning Guide

Jan 16, 2016

See your local Small Business Development Center advisor and get a free copy of our Minority of Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Certification Planning Guide. We can help you through the steps of certification: eligibility, application options, required documents, and help with out of state businesses. The guide shares the benefits of certification, as well as online application tips, and information about the appeal process. We can provide you with access to the NYS MWBE Directory to maximize the benefits of certification. The New York State Small Business Development Center can expose you and your business to MWBE procurement events, marketing resources, and other certification programs. Once you become certified, you will have access to special programs and additional resources for certified MWBEs.

The SBDC can help you with general business concepts, as well. We’ll provide suggestions for business plan outlines, and get your started defining your market, along with pricing, competition, and advertising. When it comes to managing, your advisor can provide advice and assistance in areas such as duties and responsibilities, salaries, personnel, a financial plan, and cash flow worksheets. Our advisors also specialize in general operations, and accounting and record keeping. Make an appointment with your local Small Business Development Center advisor today and get a free copy of our guide, as well as business solutions.



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